Tom Dixon & Tessa Holmes

Canopy & Stars

Glamping – how much can you make and key trends to maximise results

About Tom Dixon & Tessa Holmes

Tom Dixon is the co-founder and director of leading glamping brand Canopy & Stars which promotes over 900 amazing places to stay in nature. In 2019 he also became a glampsite owner when he bought his own little plot of Dartmoor, Southcombe Barn, a business with purpose and community at its heart. His 11 years knowledge and expertise in the glamping industry is unmatched.

Tessa Holmes is Canopy & Stars’ Business Development Manager and Consultant, supporting owners looking to build and develop inspiring places in the great outdoors. Offering advice and guidance through experience to help owners to build a meaningful and sustainable business.

Glamping and outdoor holidays have proven to be one of the biggest recent success stories in the tourism industry, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. With over 10 years of experience, Canopy & Stars is the UK’s leading glamping specialist. Join us to find out why now is the time to start your glamping venture and the key trends and tactics to make your site a success.

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