Sarah Burgess

Outland Academy Marketing

How to grow your country business through Instagram

About Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess is the founder and CEO of Outland Academy Marketing, a rural marketing and social media agency based in South Gloucestershire. Sarah has a passion for supporting country and agricultural businesses and runs her business from a farm just outside Bristol where she lives with her partner. Having worked in marketing for over ten years for some of the biggest names in eCommerce,

Sarah now teaches the skills and strategies of social media & marketing success to small and local businesses through coaching, training courses and management.

Instagram has over a billion users, many of whom access the platform daily and due to its broad appeal has become a key way for rural communities and businesses to communicate and share their stories. In this session Sarah will discuss the best ways to find your audience, create the types of content they will engage with and will teach how to convert them from followers into loyal customers.

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