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Rural Futures: Why Diversification Will Still Pay and Where the Opportunities May Lie in 2021 and Beyond

About Rob Hindle

Rob Hindle is a rural development and diversification professional with over 30 years post qualification experience.  
Rob has spent his entire career helping owners and occupiers of rural property to secure the optimum return and enjoyment from the asset. After qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor with a specialist in Rural Practice in 1989 Rob spent the first twelve years of his career advising farmers and landowners in the
south west and the midlands.  
Rob’s focus shifted to sustainable rural development and rural regeneration during the Foot & Mouth outbreak of 2001 when he set up specialist consultancy practice Rural Innovation. Rural Innovation became a leading supplier of evidence and analysis to public sector actors during the first decade of the
new millennium. During this period Rob designed, led and delivered consultancy projects for The Commission for Rural Communities, Defra, DCLG, Action for Communities in Rural England, the National Farmers Union, several regional development agencies, several Government Offices of the Regions, regional and sub-regional rural partnerships and various local authorities.  
Rob merged Rural Innovation with Rural Solutions in 2012, specialising in sustainable rural development and diversification. Since 2012 Rob has worked with landed estates, institutional and charitable landowners, providing value adding and outcome focused consultancy. Rob is an expert in Estate Strategies and Whole Estate Plans, commercial frameworks, development and diversification option and feasibility appraisals, economic impact assessments, business planning and market analysis.

Rural Features: why diversification will still pay and where the opportunities may lie in 2021 and beyond

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