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Development Opportunities for Farms and Rural Businesses

About Peregrine Mears

Peregrine Mears is Director of a firm of Chartered Architects which specialises in rural design and development. His 35 years experience has involved many hotel, leisure, tourism, employment and residential projects ranging from designing barn conversions to master-planning whole resorts. With diverse projects across the UK, Peregrine and his team have detailed knowledge of planning requirements coupled with the imagination to think in 3D and see the potential of land and buildings. Their creativity could make all the difference for you, whether you are an established rural entrepreneur or just starting out with a new rural business venture.

If you own land or buildings, you may have underutilised assets! But how do you make those assets work for you to generate income or capital revenue? What alternative uses can rural land and buildings be put to? How do you go about such a project? How do you get planning permission? This seminar aims to answer those questions in principle by referring to a range of example projects.

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