Nick Lumb

Proprietor - Acorn Furniture

Why Consider Bespoke Furniture?

About Nick Lumb

Nick Lumb specialises in the design and creation of bespoke furniture from British hardwoods.
Nick began working with wood as a child and spent most of his teenage free-time carving, resulting in him studying A-Level Sculpture alongside Maths, Physics and Chemistry, subjects that lead to a degree in Chemical Engineering. Having enjoyed a career in IT within the chemical industry, he returned to his roots in 1998 by establishing Acorn Furniture. When you commission Nick, you become part of the intrinsic relationship between him, wood, design, and creativity. Whilst he is an artist at heart who fully appreciates the beauty of his work, Nick’s greatest joy is seeing a customer’s delighted reaction to a piece that exceeds expectations. The one-off pieces designed and crafted by Nick maximise the natural beauty of timber, its aesthetic and tactile qualities, resulting in a distinctive and attractive feature that can be enjoyed for generations.

Commissioning bespoke wooden furniture is an exciting and personal experience. You become an intrinsic part of a creative journey that culminates in the encapsulation of your style, values and vision. In this seminar, you will learn how I fuse a customer’s predilections with the aesthetic and tactile qualities of timber to create a piece that goes beyond expectations. Join me as I present how challenging briefs became unique and much-loved family heirlooms.

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