Kate Morel

Founder - Morel & Co

Treehouse Developments – The Highs and Lows

About Kate Morel

A leading glamping industry specialist, Kate weaves her decades of hospitality and glamping industry experience into every project. Her design & build company, Morel & Co, specialises in high-end, experiential treehouses and cabins and is fast becoming a leading supply company, with Hudnalls Treehouse (one of the top performing treehouses in the UK) and Mallory Roundhouses proving to be phenomenal successes.
Kate’s input has been instrumental in the success of many successful glamping developments, and as a ‘go-to’ expert within the industry, she’s had nearly 50 articles published, and presented over 40 seminars, some keynote, at leading industry events.

Leading glamping expert and treehouse specialist, Kate Morel, takes us through the treehouse design & build process, the practical challenges as well as that crucial ‘X Factor’ - creating the ‘treehouse experience’. Treehouse developments pose specific challenges, commercial treehouses even more so. They need to deliver a healthy ROI and to do that they need to meet (better still, exceed) guest expectations which are higher than usual. After all, there’s a sharp focus on delivering an unforgettable experience for those top rental fees.

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