Joshua Riddett

Easy Crypto Hunter

Farming and Blockchain: Yield Up To 72% Annual Returns

About Joshua Riddett

Award winning entrepreneur, the UK’s Blockchain Advisor to the EU and one of the UK’s leading Cryptocurrency Mining experts. Josh is the founder of Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK’s premium Cryptocurrency service provider. Josh has keynoted at major Rural Business and Renewable Energy Shows across the UK. Blockchain technology is misunderstood by most, but Josh has always adopted an approach of total transparency and will reveal just how you can take advantage of this rapidly growing sector. Over the past four years Josh has established himself as the ‘go to guy’ for everything Blockchain and Crypto related. The approach of having honest and real conversations, plus having open offices for anyone to visit has firmly established Josh and Easy Crypto Hunter as one of the UK’s leading companies within this field. Josh is helping rural entrepreneurs turn their farms into mini data centres and yield up to 72% yearly (40p/kWh) with Blockchain technology.

Our farming clients have yielded up to 72% yearly (equivalently 40p/kWh) with our solution. Blockchain technology, just like the internet requires a lot of computing power. We manufacture Blockchain servers which, as the owner of these servers, you get paid for renting out computer power. Effectively you’ll turn your farm into a mini data centre and earn completely passively, substantially better returns that alternative investments.

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