Hermione Warmington

Policy Adviser, Property and Business - CLA

Decarbonising rural buildings

About Hermione Warmington

In late 2019, Hermione joined the CLA Property and Business team where she leads on housing and energy efficiency policy, covering both domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Hermione grew up on a farm in Somerset and before joining the CLA, qualified as a rural surveyor whilst working on the Holkham Estate in north Norfolk, where she oversaw the management of the residential, commercial and renewable portfolios as well as being involved in planning and development.

With buildings accounting for nearly one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and the government committed to reaching its ambitious net-zero target by 2050, emissions from buildings need to be almost entirely eliminated. The next ten years will be full of regulatory changes to drive decarbonisation. This seminar will look at current and future policy and examine the three core ways to decarbonise buildings, to help businesses prepare for the upcoming changes.

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