Graham Clark MRICS


Why create woodlands? The potential of trees in rural enterprise

About Graham Clark MRICS

A rural chartered surveyor, Graham leads on forestry, woodland and energy policy for CLA within the national Land Use team. He has been with CLA since 2008, mostly as regional surveyor in the South West advising CLA members on a range of rural land management issues, before joining the Land Use team in 2020. Prior to CLA he spent 7 years advising farmers and government funding panels on farm diversification and other rural development grant proposals, initially for Defra’s Rural Development Service and then South West Regional Development Agency. Before that he worked for ADAS for 9 years on a range of environmental survey and consultancy and farm conservation and agri-environment scheme advice.

He joined the CLA in 2008 after spells with the South West Regional Development Agency, Defra Rural Development Service and ADAS Consulting Ltd. Since joining the CLA he has been particularly involved with water and flooding issues and rural funding schemes. He has chaired the West of England LEADER Rural Development Programme since its inception in 2015.

This seminar will look at the main opportunities and constraints presented by the key funding opportunities for creating woodlands, including the England Woodland Creation Offer, carbon funding and the possible role for woodlands in Defra’s emerging Environmental Land Management schemes.

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