Duncan Syme

Founder and Director - Data Strategy Consulting Ltd

The “Perfect Circle” of Loyalty

About Duncan Syme

With over 20 years’ experience of working with many blue-chip manufacturing companies and retailers, Duncan has built his career by focusing on the consumer''s needs and behaviour
His knowledge of customer loyalty is gained from many profitable, intelligence based, customer focused activities, that were born from loyalty scheme data
He has a passion to help clients understand how to best use data in a strategic way to generate actionable insights, which inform and drive profitable sales and marketing activity
In 2013 his passion led him to set up Data Strategy Consulting Ltd to bring the insight he was sharing with larger retailers and manufacturers, to smaller businesses .

The seminar will cover what “Customer Loyalty” is and explore ways to get it from your customers by looking at loyalty mechanics and their benefits to scheme members and operators alike.
We will look at how to use Loyalty scheme data to better understand your customers to make it easy for your customers to choose you.
The outputs should help you to use your loyalty scheme to grow your business.

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