Antony Pearce

Dudley Peverill Associates

Making your diversification project a reality

About Antony Pearce

From arable farming to farm abattoir, beef farming to biogas, crop storage to conversions, Antony has experienced the ABCs of farm diversification. Qualifying as an accountant before returning to the family farm, Antony has built on his training, fusing farming and finance to reposition his family business. Supported by a strong finance team, Antony is passionate about helping farming families make the leap into a diversified enterprise, which is why he established Dudley Peverill with Alex Moss..
Antony works with clients to identify what ideas best suit them as individuals and families, co-ordinating the client’s skill sets and preferences with the assets and natural capital of their farms.
Diversification opportunity can be the brainchild of the excited and youthful generation. This can lead to friction between generations if the need for capital or access to land is restricted by painful experience or aversion to risk. Having experienced a protracted but successful succession process in his own family business, Antony is sensitive to these issues and well placed to mentor and mediate.

Your business needs to diversify. Otherwise, why are you here?
What enterprise would suit you and your holding? Who is your target customer? Where should it be situated? When will the planning or licences be approved? How long will it take to get up and running?
I explain how our FREE bespoke questionnaire starts this process. The survey identifies your personal skills and preferences. The strengths and weaknesses of your site, while balancing your attitude to risk and budget. All in a 10 minute FREE survey.
This is the first step on your pathway to diversification success. A roadmap bringing clarity to your journey, guaranteed to improve your chances of arriving and super charging your energy and ambition to do whatever it takes!
We know this because the process is the result of 20 year’s diversification experience on my own farm. This will be the most beneficial 30 minute investment of your time. Don’t hope your diversification will succeed, KNOW it will!

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