Annabel Sunnucks

Glamping at Rankins Farm

Breaking the barrier of fear for diversification

About Annabel Sunnucks

Annabel is the youngest of two sisters and was fortunate enough to grow up in the middle of the countryside at Rankins Farm where she developed a love for the outdoors, sports and fine wine.
Annabel was often helping on the farm when she was younger but at school, developed a passion for technology which led her to a consulting career.

Since graduating, Annabel has been heavily involved supporting her parents in their new glamping venture as moving away from the family fruit farm of 58 years was not a decision made lightly!. She is passionate about being a key part of the Glamping business and involved in constant conversations and decisions. The family are excited to see what the future holds!

Branching out into something new, when all you’ve ever known is farming can be a daunting thought. This seminar will cover our experience of breaking the barrier to new business opportunities, moving away from a family tradition of decades into a new unknown industry. Touching on the different options and support available, the challenges and opportunities we faced through our transformation from an unstable, unpredictable business to the complete opposite.

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