Angus Macdonald

Talick Group

Making The Transition to a Fossil-Free Future

About Angus Macdonald

Angus Macdonald is a farmer, entrepreneur and the Founder of The Talick Group (an innovative group of companies offering wholesale biofuel, renewable microgrids, waste to energy conversion and biofuel energy generation) and also Galion (an award winning property development company offering traditionally designed houses with emphasis on sustainable construction to provide homes that have minimal impact on the environment and communities around them).

Following a career flying helicopters for the Royal Navy and thereafter for the aerial filming industry and British Airways, Angus founded British Solar Renewables Ltd in 2010 which focused on a fully integrated capability to take bare sites to full operation of a new generation of utility-scale renewable energy plants. 600MW of solar power were delivered during his 6 year tenure.

As a keen advocate of the climate change movement, he is focused on reversing climate change with technology that makes a difference now.

Our reliance on fossil fuels needs to be drastically reduced across all industries. Balancing the needs of the planet against provision and profit is a challenge that those pursuing a livelihood in farming now face. Angus Macdonald explores some possible solutions.

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