Andrew Shirley MRICS

Chief Surveyor - CLA

Making the most of your assets

About Andrew Shirley MRICS

Andrew Shirley is a Chartered Surveyor and Landowner. He has practiced in Herefordshire, Essex and the Midlands. He has now built up over 20 years of experience with the CLA representing landowners, farmers and rural businesses.

As CLA Chief Surveyor, Andrew and leads the Property and Business Team in London who deliver policy and advice to CLA members on issues as diverse as planning, housing, heritage as well as business and economic advice. Personally he is responsible for both policy and advisory issues relating to surveying, but in particular compulsory purchase, valuation, utilities, minerals, business rates and tenancies. He is secretary to the CLA Institutional Landowners Group and the CLA Minerals Working Group.

It is important to constantly reassess the potential of your business. How can you make your assets work harder to maintain income and increase profitability?

This seminar will take you through how to review your assets and prepare an Asset Management Plan, identify opportunities and create an action plan

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