Tim Hopkin

The Land App

Digital Mapping for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes: Diversification and Future Payments

About Tim Hopkin

The Land App was founded in 2015 by Tim Hopkin in response to his frustrations with paper maps on his family’s farm. Relying on paper maps made it difficult and time-consuming to manage farm assets, share information, and plan future projects. The mapping software that did exist was expensive and complicated to use. And the necessary data was scattered across multiple different websites.

After working in the industry for several years, Tim realised that the cost of these problems were not small: the financial health of many UK farms and estates - and the future of our environment - was at risk.

With support from Ordnance Survey, Tim decided to build The Land App - a user-friendly, collaborative, online mapping platform. The Land App helps to save time, improve accuracy and make more informed decisions about how land should be used and managed.

The Land App is an easyto-use digital mapping platform built with land managers, consultants and Government. It enables the land management sector to work together effectively to design and deliver high value triple bottom line outcomes for future payments.

The seminar outlines how digital infrastructure saves time, money and provides access to data and insight helping informed decisions to be implemented at a holding, landscape and national level.

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