Ted Howard-Jones

Countryside Marketing

Successful Diversification: Capitalise on Your Assets, Don’t Forget Marketing

About Ted Howard-Jones

Ted grew up on his father''s mixed farm in the Chiltern Hills with 200 Welsh ewes, 60 pigs, and thousands of chickens. The livestock has now gone, but he has put his early career in marketing (working with clients such as BT and Ericsson) to good use, developing three profitable income streams for his small farm.

Ted has recently started working with other local farmers to help them with their marketing and has spoken at Farmers Clubs, CLA & IAgSA events about rural marketing.

Ted is an active member of his local Tourism Committee and also helps to support 500+ small caravan sites across the country with their marketing. He has recently served on the Caravan & Motorhome Club Council.

Ted will share his tips and tricks from developing three successful income streams on his 190-acre farm over the past 10 years. Whatever diversification route you choose, you need to sell it. Ted will show you how he has used simple and cost-effective marketing techniques to ensure the projects he and his wife chose, provided a good return on investment.

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