Robert Craine

Diversity Environmental Consultants Ltd

Ecology, Glamping and the Wildlife Effect

About Robert Craine

Robert Craine is an ecological consultant with Diversity Environmental Consultants Ltd, a company that specialises in ecology and landscape architecture, and which provides advice on how to create spaces that benefit wildlife and people. Clients include private landowners, multi-national companies, the BBC, architects, planners, The National Trust and local authorities.
Robert has been involved with projects relating to planning, environmental education, scientific research, and ecological design for the past 25 years, working throughout the UK and occasionally overseas.

This seminar will look at the importance of considering biodiversity when designing a site for glamping and other uses, and how aiming towards a ‘biodiversity net gain’ can help secure planning permission. It will also examine some of the beneficial effects that nature brings to the glamping experience, and how campsites can be places for raising environmental awareness and promoting mental wellbeing.

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