Rob Macklin

National Trust

Innovations for sustainable farming businesses: A National Trust perspective.

About Rob Macklin

Rob Macklin is Head of Soils and Farming for the National Trust. He is principally responsible for providing leadership and expertise spanning agriculture and related land use. Rob studied Applied Zoology with Agriculture at Reading University followed by a Masters in Bio-aeronautics at Cranfield. His career includes running agricultural field trials in England and France, and a decade as a Farm Conservation Adviser for the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. Rob joined the National Trust in 1999. He co-authored the National Trust’s original Agriculture and Food policies and established the team of regional Farming Advisers to help implement improvements on the ground. Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Society of England and sits on the advisory panel of the UK Soil Security Programme.

The National Trust’s farmers, land managers and related businesses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are well-placed to test new ideas and practices. The talk will look at some real-life examples spanning technology, materials and equipment, sustainable production systems, business diversification and the development of payments for outcomes.

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