Rob Hindle

Rural Solutions

Diversification into leisure – choosing the right opportunity

About Rob Hindle

Rob Hindle, Executive Director and Head of Advisory at Rural Solutions is a seasoned rural development professional with many years of experience in bringing forward sustainable rural development. An expert in rural planning and economic development particularly in relation to understanding rural businesses and communities and the benefits that development can bring to their future viability and sustainability. His understanding of ‘vitality’ and what it means for the long-term development of rural communities is key to the success of many residential, commercial, leisure and tourism schemes across rural England and Wales.

Many are convinced of the opportunity of diversification, but the challenge is where to start and how to be sure of you are choosing the right solution for you and your location. Head of Rural Solutions Advisory team, Rob Hindle highlights the process required to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunity for you and your land.

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