Priya Sheth


Employment Law – are you complying?

About Priya Sheth

Priya has been with the NFU for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience advising businesses, predominately farming and rural businesses, on employment law. She is the editor of the NFU Employment Service Manual, Magazine and Newsletters. She has extensive experience advising businesses on the application of the Agricultural Wages Order and the impact of its abolition. She often visits our members onsite to advise on employment law matters as well as review, update and draft bespoke employment law documents such as contracts, handbook policies and settlement agreements.

Running a business has never been more complicated, particularly when it comes to employment legislation. At the NFU we specialise in agricultural knowledge and know the issues rural businesses face when it comes to employing staff. Priya will be speaking about key Employment Law topics including contracts of employment, and will provide you with key facts and information to help ensure you remain compliant with the law.

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