Paul Michel

Paul Michel Investments

The Commercial Lending Landscape

About Paul Michel

Paul Michel is Director of Paul Michel Investments, a company providing commercial finance services to growing businesses. He is based in Leicester, and has been helping businesses survive and develop since July 2018. A former teacher, Paul moved to the United Kingdom from his native Australia in late 2007. As well as investing in growing companies, Paul partners with, a leading national commercial brokerage, and with Fifo Capital, a provider of short-term business loans, supply chain finance and selective invoice finance.

In this presentation, Paul will be giving an overview of the Commercial Lending Landscape. What are the main types of commercial finance? Who is lending money? How is commercial finance arranged? How can commercial finance help business to survive and thrive? There is an astonishing array of financing solutions available, with many non-traditional financiers entering the space. To gain a better understanding of your financing options, don’t miss this presentation.

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