Paul Grabham

randd UK Ltd

Fund Your Innovation With R&D Tax Rewards from HMRC

About Paul Grabham

Paul Grabham is an Associate at randd uk, R&D tax credit experts who have claimed over £100 Million for UK businesses and are featured in the Parliamentary Review as best practice leaders in this field. Able to identify qualifying projects and costs, Paul has managed complex projects within the engineering and technology sectors for over twenty years. Having worked across the globe and managed his own company, he understands the needs of business owners who can massively benefit from the R&D tax credits scheme. Paul’s plain speaking presentation avoids technical jargon and demystifies HMRC’s R&D tax credit scheme.

Fund your innovation in farming with cash awards from HMRC. Could you be missing out on R&D tax credits? This government scheme rewards costs that you’ve already incurred for up to two financial years. As leaders in R&D tax credits, randd UK will explain qualifying R&D projects, types of costs that can be included and our simple claims process. Don’t miss out on your Reality Cheque.

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