Nigel Dawson


Business Panel

About Nigel Dawson

With over 30 years’ experience in the franchise industry, Nigel has held senior positions with many well-known brands including Boots, Guinot and British Gas building strategic partnerships. In his earlier career, he grew his own company to a multimillion-pound business before selling.

Winner of the BFA award for innovation in recognition of the development of a new commercial framework in British Gas (Dyno), Nigel has become well known for his innovative approach to resolving problems and creating win win scenarios for stakeholders.

In 2017, Nigel joined forces with Tim Slesinger (easyStorage CEO) who had previously built a successful storage business in 11 countries and 37 cities across Europe, to launch a new, well priced storage brand in the UK under the easy family of brands. easyStorage has been an instant success and is now looking to share that success with strategic partners for its next phase of growth.