Lord Carnarvon

Highclere Castle

Highclere - Becoming a Global Icon of UK Heritage

About Lord Carnarvon

Highclere Castle, home to Lord and Lady Carnarvon, has achieved notability as the filming location for the television series Downton Abbey.

It is their aim to fully repair the Castle and keep the Estate intact for future generations of the family to enjoy as well as to share it with the thousands of visitors who come to the Castle and parkland each year.

Lord and Lady Carnarvon enjoy the entrepreneurial aspects of ideas for generating income as well as conservation both of heritage buildings and the natural landscape that is so special at Highclere.

Lord Carnarvon's talk will follow a timeline from when himself and Lady Carnarvon took over the Castle in 2003, exploring the main challenges and long cycle of building repairs, to Highclere becoming a global icon of UK heritage through the popular TV series Downton Abbey. Through further developments and entrepreneurial ideas, Lord Carnarvon will discuss how he is able to maintain the coherence of the Estate in the the long run.

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