Liz Boden & Clare Eggington

Pegasus Group

How to Maximise Development Potential of Your Land and Buildings

About Liz Boden & Clare Eggington

Clare and Liz are Chartered Town Planners with several years of experience in the planning and development industry in both the public and private sector. Clare is Associate Planner and Liz is a Principal Planner, both working at Pegasus Group.

Clare has particular experience of the promotion of land through the Development Plan preparation process, from local authority strategic plans to neighbourhood plans at the local level and has spent many years working closely with rural businesses, enterprises and rural communities. Clare acts for a variety of clients, advising on national and local planning policy and the development potential of land.

Liz has experience of both strategic planning and development management, representing clients on site promotion, Green Belt and sustainability appraisal matters. Liz also advises and facilitates farm diversification projects through the planning system, from solar energy, Class Q prior approvals, rural workers dwellings, to equestrian and other leisure uses.

Understand how to maximise the development potential of your land and buildings. National planning policy supports a wide range of development in rural areas and permitted development rights provide opportunities to convert agricultural buildings to a wide variety of uses without the need to apply for planning permission. The Development Plan process can also provide opportunities to promote land for development, including at the Local level through Neighbourhood Plans

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