John Morris

The Pebble

Designing Sustainable Accommodation for a Greener Tomorrow

About John Morris

John’s journey into the world of sustainable architecture began back in 2014 when he took ownership of an old oak woodland plantation in the heart of Devon. It was in need of some tender loving management to secure its future as a healthy habitat for the local wildlife and ecology. The vision was to open the woodland up to staying guests and use the proceeds to fund the woodland management programme. The challenge became how do you provide sustainable accommodation that could be built in such a sensitive location and would endure the unforgiving elements, that would physiologically connect guests to the environment and be an experience people would want to return for. The result, following a collaboration with the local planning authority, forestry commission and very talented architect, was the Pebble, a high-quality, build anywhere, low carbon footprint sustainable accommodation solution that didn’t compromise on comfort or the environment.

Learn how the team behind the Pebble designed their radical new holiday home with the lowest possible carbon footprint. And discover why the choice of materials, the way they are fabricated and the architectural designs they make possible, can vastly reduce the carbon footprint of the holiday accommodation you can offer. Join company founder John Morris as he shares the story, insights and experience of the Pebble design journey.

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