Hayley Parker

Flame Marketing LTD

Business Panel Debate

About Hayley Parker

Hayley is the founder and MD of Flame Marketing LTD. Hayley (look for the redhead on the stand/event) grew up surrounded by rolling fields in the Devon countryside. This rural background gave her a passion for craft and rural products and the communities that produce them. Having been inspired by her mother''s entrepreneurial drive and skill she decided to find a way to support the small businesses of the communities that shaped her. So, Flame Marketing was born.

Hayley started her business at a young age, and at just 23-year-old is the youngest member of our business panel. Through her drive and ambition Hayley has grown her business from a small freelancing side-hustle while at uni, to a thriving consultancy company in just over 12 months. She now has plans to expand further across the UK and to begin her Masters in Marketing next year. All before she is even 25.