Ellen Leslie

Ellen Leslie Ltd (Historical Research)

Discover the Value of Your House’s History

About Ellen Leslie

Ellen Leslie MA DipCons(AA) FRSA is an historian providing a research service across the UK for property professionals as well as private home owners. Her work can provide essential historical information to support planning applications, particularly for listed buildings, or simply to satisfy an owner''s curiosity uncovering the story of the house, from who''s lived there, what events have occurred on the site, to how it has structurally changed over the decades and centuries. In a ‘former life’, before pursuing her passion for historic architecture, Ellen spent 10 years in public relations and marketing, including as a PR executive for property managers, JLL.

The history of your house is not only unique but also a vital marketing tool for your business.

Using case studies, Ellen will reveal what she has uncovered about some of Britain’s finest buildings and show how you can use a similar approach to promote your historic house.

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