Sarah Smart

Mid-England Barrow Ltd

Mid-England Barrow, farming to funerals and celebrations of life.

About Sarah Smart

With a nursing background, but from a farming family, when I met up with childhood friend and lifelong farmer Richard, we bought a small farm together on the Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire borders. Recognising that we needed to diversify the farm to make it sustainable for future generations, we set about finding something that interested us both, gave us part time work, but didn’t take over our already busy lives in the way that our previous jobs had done. Having investigated various options, including growing tea, goji berries and truffles, we did two life changing things. Firstly, we visited friends who had a Round Barrow on their farm, and secondly, sadly, attended a farmer friends funeral at a crematorium. Little did we know, these two events would lead to our new business venture.

Mid-England Barrow is a modern Round Barrow for storage of cremation ashes, and rural funeral venue. Here we describe our challenging journey of setting up an unknown business, including helping planners to understand what we were hoping to achieve, gaining an RDPE grant, and trying to explain our business so that potential customers can realise why they should choose us to look after their loved ones.

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