Confirmed Speakers At The Country House Innovation Show

  • Ian Bell OBE


    How to Fund Your Farm Diversification Project

  • Tara Best

    Tara Punter PR LTD

    Successful Marketing and PR for Your Rural Business

  • Robert Craine

    Diversity Environmental Consultants Ltd

    Ecology, Glamping and the Wildlife Effect

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Wedding Consulting

    Protecting your Wedding Bookings In a Fast Changing Wedding Customer Landscape

  • Mark Scott

    Clear Sky- The Glamping Experts

    Setting Up Glamping Sites Today And Beyond

  • Lord Carnarvon

    Highclere Enterprises Llp

    The Real Downton Abbey: Adding Value to the Brand Image at Highclere Castle

  • Rob Hindle

    Rural Solutions

    Rural Solutions discusses what makes an ‘enterprising estate’ and the value added to estates that dare to diversify

  • Jess Hall and Louise Newton


    Adding Value and Generating Income on Farms and Estates

  • Dr Alistair Nesbitt


    Grape-Growing and Wine-Making: Opportunities for Investment and Sector Growth

  • Dr Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High Value Truffles: How to Cultivate Truffles on Your Land

  • Simon Marrington

    Tilhill Forestry

    Diversification Into Woodlands and Forestry

  • Guy Coxall

    HempTank/Cannabis Trades Association

    Is Hemp the Future of British Farming?

  • Rob Macklin

    National Trust

    Innovations for sustainable farming businesses: A National Trust perspective.

  • James Brown


    Creating Farm Business Efficiency Through Innovation

  • Peregrine Mears

    Peregrine Mears Architects Ltd

    Development & Diversification Opportunities for Farms & Rural Enterprises

  • Louise Follett & Kerry Pfleger

    Pegasus Group

    How to Maximise Development Potential of Your Land and Buildings

  • Wayne Clark

    The Septic Tank Store

    Team Septic: The Solution to Your Pollution

  • Rob Copley

    Farm Retail Association

    Farm Shops: How to run a profitable farm retail business

  • Nick Mackenzie

    Tractor Ted

    Top Ted Tips on how to welcome new visitors and income streams

  • David Morris

    Catesby Estates plc

    The Residential Planning System & Land Promotion Explained

  • Luke Halsey

    Farm 491

    Environmentally Sustainable Innovation for Agriculture

  • Mr Mark Antonelli


    From Cow to Cone: Make Milk Into Ice-Cream

  • Johanne Spittle FALA

    Ware & Kay Solicitors

    Planning for Diversification, and Avoiding Disputes

  • Ted Howard-Jones

    Countryside Marketing

    Successful Diversification: Capitalise on Your Assets, Don’t Forget Marketing

  • David Walsh-Kemmis

    Ballykilcavan Brewing Company

    Diversifying a 380-Year-Old Farm With an On-Farm Brewery

  • Rees Keene

    Over Farm

    Our diversification story

  • Owen Gleadall

    Merlinsoft Ltd

    Increasing Secondary Spend

  • James England

    BlueSky Experiences

    Create a Successful Diversification with Corporate and Leisure Events

  • Jamie Wilson

    Life Space Cabins

    How Considered Design & Construction Can Give You a Quicker ROI

  • Paul Grabham

    randd UK Ltd

    Fund Your Innovation With R&D Tax Rewards from HMRC

  • James Fulton

    Amet Property Ltd

    How to Develop a Farmyard

  • Barry Davies

    Davies & Co

    Farm to Leisure – Secure Planning Permission: Maximising Value and Avoiding The Pitfalls

  • Brady Last BA (Hons) MIoD

    Breakthrough Group

    Research & Development Tax Relief: Who’s Eligible and How to Claim

  • Rachel Trend

    Native Chartered Architects Ltd

    Natural Materials: the Future of Sustainable Building

  • Sally Walker

    Converting your Historic Buildings Using Natural Materials

  • Joby Mussell

    Sustainable and Profitable Diversification Delivered Through Holiday Letting

  • Annabel James

    Landmark Systems Ltd

    Using Your Accounts Software to Make Better Post-Brexit Decisions

  • Nigel Aylwin-Foster


    Last Chance to Secure Around £1 million of Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Julia Stockdale

    Fine Art Restoration Company

    Family Paintings - Practical Advice on Caring for and Protecting Artworks

  • Oliver Dale

    Safety Revolution Ltd

    Crystall Clear Contractor Management

  • Beth Cooper


    Water Play: Making a Splash With Visitors

  • John Atkinson

    Rare Breeds Survival Trust

    Back to the Future

  • Jess Hall and Louise Newton


    Maximising Development Opportunity: How to Benefit From Permitted Development Rights

  • Jess Hall and Louise Newton


    Adding Value and Generating Income on Farms and Estates

  • Graham Childs

    The Artisan Food Trail

    Small Business Marketing on an Even Smaller Budget

  • Mark Penny

    Energy Solutions (UK) Ltd

    Standalone Hybrid Power Solutions: Helping You to Expand Your Business Without a Grid Connection

  • Roger Ashman

    OWAL Architects

    Diversification: Presenting a Holistic Vision

  • Rosie Whelpton

    Hush Digital

    Make The Most Out Of Your Website

  • Rosie Whelpton

    Hush Digital

    Market Your Website The Right Way

  • Charles Smith

    The Farming Community Network (FCN)

    FarmWell – Helping Britain’s Farming Community Build Personal and Business Resilience

  • Dr Evangelos Petropoulos

    Premier Tech Aqua

    Towards 2020: the Guidelines for a Sustainable Aqueous Environment

  • Dan Cox

    The AF Group Ltd

    Managing, Monitoring, and Generating Farm Energy

  • Ashley Lilley and Debbie Queen


    Diversifying Into Food and Drink Tourism

  • Jeremy Stanton


    Promotion Agreements: Endeavours and Objectives - Why are They Important?

  • John Morris

    The Pebble

    Designing Sustainable Accommodation for a Greener Tomorrow

  • Ed Daniell

    Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

    Why Landowners are Diversifying Into Doggy Day Care

  • Richard Corbett

    Roger Parry and Partners LLP

    Your Farm Your Future

  • Tim Hopkin

    The Land App

    Digital Mapping for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes: Diversification and Future Payments

  • Paul Dennison

    Kensa Heat Pumps

    Diversify your Business With Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Tom Robinson

    National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN)

    Safe Public Interaction with Farm Animals

  • Paul Michel

    Paul Michel Investments

    The Commercial Lending Landscape

  • Roger Hammond Boddy

    Global Teleports (UK) Ltd

    Satellite: the Unseen Answer to Fast Broadband

  • Clark McIlroy

    Red Star Brands

    Sustainability and Healthy Snacking

  • Rachel Brennan

    Sykes Holiday Cottages

    Holiday Letting: Diversify Your Farm and Maximise Your Income

  • Matt Taylor


    Why Create Woodlands? The Potential of Trees in Rural Enterprise

  • Louise Speke


    Make Sure you Don’t Fall Foul of the VAT Man

  • Jonathan Thompson


    Owning Heritage: Asset or Nightmare?

  • Harry Greenfield


    Environmental Markets: New Opportunities for Farmers and Land Managers

  • Fraser McAuley


    Future Farming: Novel Crops and Production Systems

  • Fenella Collins MRICS


    Diversification: Tips for Navigating the Planning System

  • Andrew Shirley MRICS


    Business Rates and Council Tax: What You Need to Know

  • Andrew Gillett and Roger Tetlow


    Rural property and liability – avoiding some common pitfalls

  • David Livermore

    David Livermore

    Accessibility: Niche or Not? Improve Your Customer Journey

  • Jeremy Moody

    Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV)

    Preparing for Change

  • Sarah Smart

    Mid-England Barrow Ltd

    Mid-England Barrow, farming to funerals and celebrations of life.

  • Anna Price

    The Rural Business Awards / The Rural Business Group

    The Rise of the Rural Business Sector

  • Sarah Smart

    Mid-England Barrow Ltd

    Panel Discussion: Business Panel

  • Hugh Taylor

    Roadnight Taylor Ltd

    What’s hot in energy and what’s not

  • Tom Dixon

    Canopy & Stars

    Panel Discussion: The Glamping Panel

  • Abigail Bryant

    Wessex Archaeology

    Knowledge is Power: What matters and why about the heritage you own

  • Shelley D’Arcy

    Maximise your Income Through Holiday Letting

  • Richard Sansom

    Public Power Solutions

    Large Scale subsidy free Solar opportunities for Landowners

  • Gary Richardson

    Access to Farms

    The Industry Code of Practice for safe farm visits

  • Josh Riddett

    Easy Crypto Hunter

    Yield up to 59% (40p/kWh) Yearly with Blockchain Technology

  • Charles Gulland

    Wigwam Holidays Ltd,

    Be part of a Winning Team, the benefits of joining the Uks # 1 Glamping Franchise

  • Hannah Moule

    Moule & Co

    Farm diversification trends and opportunities

  • Lynn Bailey

    Bawdon Lodge Farm

    Not just a field on a farm- how we diversified by maximising our farm and land

  • Adam Lyczakowski


    Starting new glamping venture: is getting 100% ROI in one season possible?

  • James Fulton

    Amet Property

    Planning Panel Debate

  • Wendy Hopkins

    Brodie Planning Associates Ltd

    Planning Panel

  • Nigel Dawson


    Business Panel

  • Innes McEwen

    Fern Farming

    Renewables & Energy Storage

  • Hayley Parker

    Flame Marketing LTD

    Business Panel Debate

  • Jamie Wilson

    Life Space Cabins

    Glamping Panel

  • Paul Grabham

    Randd UK ltd

    Finance Panel

  • Paul Michel

    Paul Michel Investments

    Finance Panel

  • Michael Olatunde

    Rapid Business Finance

    Finance Panel

  • Steve Shine

    Anesco Ltd

    Renewables & Eneery Storage

  • Jo Russell

    Stoford Developments Limited

    Planning Debate Panel

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Wedding Consulting

    Weddings and Outdoor Events Panel

  • Richard Bailey & Lynn Bailey

    Bawdon Lodge Farm

    Wedding and Outdoor Event

  • Guy Coxall

    HempTank and Cannabis Trades Association

    Brexit and Diversification Panel

  • Anthony Robinson

    Indulgence Boutique Hospitality

    Wedding & Outdoor Event

  • Steve Costello

    Kensa Heat Pumps

    Renewable & Energy Storage Panel

  • Chris Coupland


    Renewables and energy storage

  • Deborah Sharples


    Planning permissions

  • James Podesta

    Rural Solutions

    Planning permission

  • Cath Crowther and Louise Newton


    Adding value and generating income on farms and estates

  • Nigel Padbury

    Premium Crops

    Replacing Rapeseed? - Profitable Alternative Break Crops

  • Adrian Steele

    Soil Association

    Business Panel

  • Hannah Moule

    The Business Barn

    Business Panel

  • Jonathan Brunyee

    The Centre for Farming and Food Education

    Business Service Award Judge

  • Nellie Williams

    Nellie Williams

    Business Service Awards Judge

  • Paige Dalby

    Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers

    Business Service Awards Judge

  • Rosie Whelpton

    Hush Digital

    Business Service Awards Judge

  • Gary Richardson

    Countryside Learning

    Environmental Award Judge

  • Harry R Legge-Bourke

    The Glanusk Estate

    Environmental Award Judge

  • Mark Fremantle

    Oasis Events Ltd

    Environmental Awards Judge

  • Sarah Ward

    The Giftware Association

    Environmental Awards Judge

  • David Charitos

    Light in the Cloud LLP

    Innovation Award Judge

  • Niall Greenan

    Greenans Products Ltd

    Innovation Awards Judge

  • Sarah Palmer

    National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC)

    Innovation Awards Judge

  • Tim Wigstaff

    Langley Priory Estate

    Innovation Awards Judge

  • Cedric Porter

    Supply Intelligence Ltd

    Global opportunities in an era of uncertainty

  • Sofie Paton-Smith

    Marbury Hall Farm

    Flower Farming and running a Successful Holiday Let

  • Mark Coulman

    Hall Farm Eastoft CIC

    Social Farming – Using the natural environment to improve health and well-being