Approved Drone Pilots

ADP believe in fair play, ADP believes in integrity, in clarity… and that’s why we are working to level the playing field within the commercial drone operators sector. The way that we achieve this is by providing a publically searchable database of every single Civil Aviation Authority Approved Drone Pilot in the UK on the website. Nobody has to pay for membership, there are no ‘premium members’, no fee-based biases in search results, no politics & no price fixing.

ADP membership is free and every member is encouraged to add their service portfolio & details of any exemptions so that these details become available to buyers through search results. ADP resources are now being used by large organisations and authorities as well as small businesses & individuals to search for suitable service providers and to confirm pilot credentials.

We must be doing something right; ADP seems to have really grabbed the attention of the commercial drone community and continues to experience unmatched membership growth. If you are ever looking for a commercial drone operator then maybe ADP can help you find the right one.

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