Practical Farming Ideas

The international expansion of FARM IDEAS so farmers can share ideas across continents. Helping educate farmers to better understand management economics, machinery costs, markets and their movements.

ABOUT editor and founder, Mike Donovan:

• Publisher: Created Practical Farm IDEAS magazine 1992 - present day
• Dairy farmer, West Wales 1977 - 2000
Winner: Bath & West Show Farmers Brainwaves 1991
• Financial Times, London 1975
Editor Professional Administration
Contributor: FT commodities page, and did freelance work in the agricultural sector.
• The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in London -- studies concerned with agriculture, including coffee, fertilisers, farm machinery, grain facilities.
Editor of EIU publication Retail Business
Contributor: UNCTAD Conferences in London, Geneva, Madrid and Istanbul
Author: 'Consumerism' Encyclopaedia Britannica 1972
• Reading University: BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics 1969

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