Unlocking your estate’s commercial potential

When country house owners look to their property to discover new revenues streams, entering the tourism and events industries often feels like the natural step. Integrating weddings, glamping, small festivals and other events are some of the more popular options available to you. However, repurposing the land that surrounds a property for the production of commodity products is one option that few rarely consider.

Jonathon Jones saw such an opportunity while working as the head gardener at Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall. After discovering the property’s 200-year history of growing ornamental camellias (tea plants), he hit upon the idea of cultivating tea on a commercial scale.

Drinking tea is such a part of the British identity, but before us, no one had tried to produce it here. Looking back, it was quite a brave decision,” he said. Although initially met by with some cynicism, Jonathon made a success of the venture, and now Tregothnan Tea is sold all around the world.

Part of his success was identifying the value of growing the tea on the Cornish estate, where it would benefit from its affiliation with the property to enhance its branding as a very ‘Englishness’ product. 

Jonathon regularly shares his experience with others at conferences and seminars across the country. His next big talk takes place on the 9th & 10th November at the Country House Business Innovation show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena (seminar slot: 11:45 Thurs., Theatre 6). To make sure you don’t miss this or any other of the expert-led talks, register for your free ticket here.

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