Realities of listed home ownership

It’s easy to understand the initial appeal of owning one of Britain’s beautiful, listed buildings. Many discover, however, that the reality of maintaining one of these properties is a greater undertaking than first thought. 

Professional support for those that find themselves in need of assistance can rely on the advice and guidance of experts who have experienced the joys and dilemmas of listed building ownership first hand.

Peter Bell BA MA PDD IHBC is one such authority that regularly helps members of the Listed Property Owners Club overcome the challenges of maintaining their buildings. His highly anticipated seminar at the Country House Innovation show on the 9th & 10th November (seminar slot: 11:00 Thurs., Theatre 6) will cover the responsibilities that come with listing, what every listed building owner should know, and where to get help on matters such as planning consent and insurance.

Also talking at the show will be Edmund Cohen, owner and composer of Landed House, will be giving his talk on the rewards, the risks and the things you can expect from letting out your house (seminar slot: 12:30 Thurs., Theatre 6). The only way to guarantee your seat at these must attend seminars is to register for your free ticket here.


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