Taking tentative steps into the wedding industry

Weddings in the UK are big business. Data collected by wedding website Hitched estimated the industry to be worth more than £10 billion. The over 300,000 ceremonies that happen every year and the increasing amount that couples are willing to spend on their weddings – averaging out at over £20,000 per wedding – contributes to this large figure.  This inevitably has stimulated holiday parks and other facilities eager to get a piece of the pie to take tentative steps into the world of weddings. But like a wedding, you can do it right, or it can all go wrong.

For many couples, their wedding is the most important day of their lives, so even the smallest mistake can be taken severely. And the last thing you want is to suffer a bad review in the early days of you new venture! This is why many choose to seek the advice of an industry expert before taking any bookings.

Isabel Smith is someone who knows how easy venues can get things wrong, and with over ten years in the industry, she knows how businesses can effectively integrate weddings into their business model.

“For some property owners, the thought of converting their property in to an ‘all-inclusive’ wedding venue and taking on all the responsibility that entails is just too daunting,” she said.

“There are, however, small steps that can be taken to get you on the path to profitability in the wedding sector.”

Isabel is no stranger to addressing crowds about the realities of opening up properties to receive wedding bookings. Her next big seminar on the subject is set to take place on the 9th & 10th November at the Farm Business Innovation show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena (Seminar slot: 11am Wed., Theatre 6). To book your free ticket and guarantee you place at this year’s event, register here.


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