The Craft Distilling Business

The Craft Distilling Business specialises in providing a turnkey
service to individuals or businesses that want to set up their own
distillery and start making spirits. Gin, rum, schnapps, absinthe,
whatever your liquid of choice, we can help.
Our handcrafted copper pot stills are built by artisan
Coppersmiths to meet the individual needs of each client.
We build stills from 30 Litres to 1000 litres (or larger if required). Our
smallest stills occupy a space as small as 1m x 2m, are powered by a
13 amp supply and require access to running water and drainage.
We also provide all of the training and support that`s needed
to produce your favoured premium spirits. Including licensing,
recipe development, sourcing of ingredients and packaging,
standard operating procedures, health and safety documentation
and marketing.

Stand Number: 2623