Terravesta - the complete supply chain solution provider for Miscanthus in the UK.

Terravesta manages all aspects of Miscanthus supply, providing the vital link between growers and end users, ensuring a seamless process from farm to furnace.

More Miscanthus growers are needed to meet the increasing demand for clean alternatives to fossil fuels, and Terravesta provides growers with secure long term whole bale purchase contracts, advice, support and expertise throughout the Miscanthus life cycle, in order to help growers reap the best profits.

Lending its expertise in everything from propagation, planting, growing, harvesting, and plant breeding, at the heart of Terravesta`s mission is continued investment into crop research and development, to meet a rising UK and international demand for miscanthus and grow ever-increasing markets for it.

Founded by established Miscanthus grower, William Cracroft-Eley, Terravesta was born out of the strong conviction that this crop has a bright future in meeting the UK's energy needs.

By bringing order and transparency to Miscanthus supply, growers can now enjoy the best-ever prices and best-ever profits along with long-term guaranteed returns, while end-users benefit from a secure and future-proof supply of a top quality, home grown biomass.


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Stand Number: FR361