Taplanes Ltd

Taplanes® is the longest established manufacturer in the UK of tailored and bespoke, prefabricated shower cubicles and en-suite bathroom pods.

Maintaining the highest standards for almost 40yrs, we are dedicated to engineering excellence, using only the best materials and manufacturing processes. We have vast experience providing long-term sustainable showering solutions and offer a flexible approach, which ensures we meet client's precise requirements. Renowned for customer service and attention to detail, we offer site surveys and CAD drawings as part of our consultation process.

Being a favoured solution for tailored refurbishment and bespoke projects, we meet the specification challenges associated with these, by offering design flexibility. With a Taplanes® prefabricated shower cubicle or bathroom pod, there is precision in design, durability and guaranteed quality; providing long-term value. Our polypropylene sectional pods are ideal for limited spaces and quick & easy to install, thereby reducing labour costs and project lead times. Due to our sectional design, the shower cubicles and bathroom pods are demountable and relocatable; allowing for multi-use of rooms and additional use of the pods; further adding to their long-term value.

With no need for silicone sealant, tiles or grout; the inherent problems of traditional bathrooms with cracked tiles and trays, mould growth & sealant replacement are avoided. Using a specially formulated 12mm polypropylene and patented plastic weld technology, the licensed material is then electrically tested to deliver a 100% watertight unit. Our prefabricated pods are therefore leak free, mould free and bacteria resistant; minimising cleaning & maintenance costs and offering a cost effective, long-term solution.

Taplanes® polypropylene material provides thermal insulation, therefore minimising the need for additional heating and reducing costs; and being fully recyclable; makes our products an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bathrooms.

We work across a variety of sectors such as glamping, camping, hostels, hotels, education, public sector and healthcare; undertaking projects across the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark & Finland. We look forward to continued growth of this international reach.

Offering a 25yr minimum guarantee, Taplanes® shower cubicles and bathroom pods are the sustainable showering solution for high use environments.


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