Sproutbox Ltd

At SPROUTBOX sustainability is a fundamental aspect of all our buildings. Our projects
integrate and showcase innovation to enhance the environment within which we all live.

Creating close-knit and positive environments in which to work and live. The home, a
flexible living space, a place where contemporary design meets functionality. At
SPROUTBOX we aim to take the hassle out of housing, we aim to meet your needs.

SPROUTBOX provides homegrown innovative design in green and sustainable housing, from the very seed of an idea, that is however both unified and intimate. SPROUTBOX aim to maximise the quality of people's lives, their happiness and subjective wellbeing. We want to break with long standing traditions of how our homes are constructed, utilising new technologies and traditional lost methods. It is clearly apparent that with the skilled labour shortages housing of the future, will need a radical rethink of it`s delivery strategies.

Our work is always underpinned by:
Equality and Diversity
Communities and people


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