Sentry Limited

Sentry Limited - History

The farming business commenced trading in 1972 managing farm land owned by a London investment house, which was acquired by Sentry Insurance, an American Insurance company and we took on the name of Sentry.

In the early years the company`s growth was on the back of pension schemes investing in farm land, and in the early 1980`s the company commenced contract farming for private individuals. In 1986, following the sudden death of the President of the American insurance company, Sentry Farm Management (along with all the company`s non-insurance activities worldwide) was put onto the market and a management buyout was undertaken aided by city equity houses.

1990 saw the company merge with Associated Farmers plc in a reverse takeover, and Sentry Farming Group plc began its journey from the third market, via the USM, to become the only farming company with a full listing.

However it soon became obvious that the growth and profit expectations of a fully listed company were incompatible with a farming company, and in 1999 the plc divested itself of all of its assets, with employees, customers and machinery transferring through a management buyout to Sentry Limited, with the employees having control of the company.

The new Sentry utilises an Employee Benefit Trust to safeguard the ownership and give stability and direction to the company, giving all current and future employees the opportunity to acquire shares.

The company has established a proven record of profitability, retaining the majority of profits to provide re-investment for growth and maintain a successful career ladder.

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