Phoenix Fireworks

Phoenix Fireworks have been doing displays since 1979. Originally the company was owned by Ian Craig (a long time resident of Sevenoaks) and subsequently was taken over by Martin Coffin. Under new ownership for over 10 years, the company has undergone major investment and improvements; ultimately leading to the collection of the two major British awards in the industry.

Planning for a successful display is an absolute must. The display you see on the evening is the culmination of a long and detailed exercise in fireworks selection, music selection, layout and of course design. Once these elements are brought together the fireworks are fused and put onto frames for display. This process can take weeks to complete.

Not only are Phoenix members of the British Pyrotechnists Association, but we are active on the management committee of the group. As an organisation we have instigated the only training and qualification system for those engaged in fireworks displays. All our staff have been trained and have taken (and passed) the BPA examination system to either Firers or Senior Firers level. This exam is likely to be adopted by the EU as a definition of competency in the forthcoming legislation on fireworks.

Stand Number: 2420