We want our bathrooms to reflect our personal taste, wWe want the fittings to be stylish and original, modern and attractive. None more so than in our shower - a place for calm reflection or vibrant invigoration. Behind every Kinedo product there is the know-how, innovation, quality, excellence and reliability of the Saniflo brand, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the showering experience.

Kinedo offer a range of self contained shower cubicles which are silicone free, grout and tiling free, that are so easy to install and often ready in under a day. The benefits and beauty of shower cubicles are often overlooked as many people misunderstand the benefits of cubicles over enclosures. Cubicles offer a swift and efficient showering solution for any shape or size of bathroom. In most cases, you can have a watertight space, complete with the shower, controls and doors fitted and ready to enjoy in less than a day.

Kinedo has also launched a range of shower trays and enclosures to suit every taste and budget. Our range of trays includes textured and coloured trays that are durable but elegant and many are cuttable to allow for tricky spaces or pipework. Our range of enclosures comes in a range of sizes, shapes, door types and colours to suit every size bathroom and every taste.

Kinedo products are designed, manufactured and tested in our own production plants in France. This means we have complete control over the process and we can maintain the highest standards of quality and service. All our products have a comprehensive two year guarantee.

We also ensure that all our glass panels and doors meet the European standard EN12150 for toughened safety glass and we supply our products flat-packed for ease of manoeuvrability.


Stand Number: FR571