Keder Greenhouses

High Spec, Extreme weather tolerant, Low Maintenance,Eco Friendly, Safe Greenhouses.

Keder Greenhouses have been established for more than 25 years and offers the next generation in protected growing environments as an alternative to glass houses or polytunnels.

Keder greenhouses use a layered bubble plastic laminate material that has been specifically developed to combine fantastic light transmission which produces a scattering of light (up to 83%) allowing the protected growing environment to be evenly lit, without shadows.

This also gives exceptional heat insulation

Our ventilation systems have been designed to promote healthy plant growth.

Our greenhouses are safe and ideal for use in locations where glass may pose a risk to safety, such as family gardens, schools, Farms,community garden spaces etc.

The Keder range caters for almost every space from 2m square to acre coverage.
There is also free delivery to any mainland UK location, of domesic Kits.

For more information vist or telephone 01386 49094

Stand Number: FR460