FuturEnergy Ltd

FuturEnergy is the designer, manufacturer and supplier of the AirForce range of horizontal micro and small-wind turbines with nearly 7,000 1kw units now in service. The Airforce1 systems are ideal for off-grid applications such as battery charging, water and space heating.

We are pleased to showcase the NEW FuturEnergy - Turbine Monitor and Automatic Stop System (AirForce Control) providing worry-free ownership of turbines by using remote monitoring and control, data logging and automatic stop and start functionality to prevent issues such as over-speeding in high wind conditions.

Our 1kw generators are available in 24v and 48v and are specifically designed for our Airforce1 turbines These units are manufactured by FuturEnergy at our premises in Warwickshire. We offer a bespoke generator design and manufacture service available for similar applications, along with our 10kw generator e.g. for hydro etc.


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Stand Number: FR731