De Waard Tenten B.V.

De Waard has an extended product range of tents. Not only for individuals, but also for business partners. From complete glamping accommodations up to festival tents, De Waard has it.

Are you looking for a special tent, but do we not offer this in our product range? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will customize, produce and develop your tent in our own factory. Therefore the tent will always meet your personal requirements.

In 1948, De Waard was founded by Machiel de Waard. Machiel de Waard was a sailmaker for the Royal Netherlands Navy and designed his first tent: the Albatros #1 at camping the Lepelaar. In the need for a tent that never blew down, he started to draw on the back of an envelope. The tent he then designed was made in a way that it could withstand strong gusts of wind and at the same time be a pleasant housing for families.
Until this moment, tents were square. The Dutch ANWB therefore spoke about `that strange tent of De Waard`. In those days it was usual to dig ditches around the tent to keep the water out. As a solution, De Waard introduced a waterproof and fixed groundsheet.

More than just tents
Because of the high quality and the long lifespan, a De Waard is not just a tent, but a tent for life. It is the place where you see your children grow up, where you have good conversations, where love arises, where you decide to completely change your life and where you enjoy your old age. You do not just use a De Waard, you live it. Whether you travel across the world with the tent, or stay at the same camping every year, if you open the zipper of the tent it feels like coming home.

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