We offer a vast selection of trailers for rental, which come in differing sizes to suit - smaller trailers can be used to keep flowers chilled, for example, whilst the larger trailers are often used by industrial and retail companies as a replacement for broken refrigerators or freezers. We also offer optional extras, including aluminium flooring, sign-writing and racking systems to optimise space and tailor your trailer to fit whatever it is you wish to store.

Coldtraila is your answer to keeping easily-spoiled items cool on a hot day, or for keeping items fresh in advance of a special event, such as a wedding. Additionally, if you`re setting up a butchery stall, you can also keep your carcasses from spoiling on our hanging rails. Plus, our trailers are well insulated with panels that range from 65mm to 100mm in thickness.

With more Supermarkets now buying in bulk and selling their products at cheaper prices, many farmers are combatting this challenge through farm diversification and using spare land or unused farm buildings to set up side businesses. This can include setting up a dairy shop that sells fresh cheese, milk and meat products, which often requires an external refrigerated storage unit. Our bespoke fridge trailers can provide chilled environments to keep dairy and meat products fresh, meeting the needs of farmers across the country.

Our trailers provide both exceptional quality and outstanding hygiene, and range from pre-owned to exhibition trailers. We also offer 24/7 on-hand support and advice to ensure our customers are making the most of their trailer. We`re also flexible, allowing our customers to hire trailers over the weekend or longer, should they wish.

We`re proud to deliver nationwide and provide our customers with friendly, efficient service, as well as a 12-month warranty and technical support during use.

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