Class Q Ltd

Class Q Ltd is made up of a close-knit, capital-backed team with an established track record in property and land development projects globally. The team, coupled with a long-standing personal history in family farming, has a combined portfolio consisting of over £100m in development projects spanning the U.K. Europe and North America.

Class Q is a form of permitted development, revised in 2018, allowing the change of use of certain buildings from agriculture to residential use. Under Class Q, the local authorities in no longer than 56 days must reach planning decisions. Failure to respond within the 56 days results in planning permission being automatically granted, making this a unique opportunity.

Class Q Ltd have a seasoned team equipped to partner with property owners and utilise the Class Q rights by carrying all costs and associated risk through the planning and construction processes.

Not only do we offer a quick and expert solution to the development, we also offer a unique profit share structure once the property is redeveloped and sold. This means you are paid twice for the development, once at construction commencement and again once the property is sold. There is no other existing solution available for Class Q developments that matches ours!

For you, it's NO risk and HIGH reward.


Class Q will visit your existing agricultural property and assess suitability for a redevelopment.

If suitable, we will make a competitive minimum offer for the outright purchase of your property.
We will then provide a preliminary contractual agreement to be signed by you and us.


Once the preliminary contractual agreement is executed, Class Q will undertake all of the necessary planning applications at our own cost and with no risk to you.
In the case that planning is approved, we will provide a comprehensive Purchase Option to be signed by you and us. This will give Class Q an 18-month option in which to trigger the option and commence construction.


Within the 18-month option term, Class Q will commence construction on the property. Upon construction commencement a significant upfront fee will be paid to you.
When construction is complete and the property sold, Class Q will offer a lucrative profit share to you, meaning you are paid TWICE and take your share of the development profits!


Stand Number: 2504