Caboose & Co.

The most innovative Pop-Up accommodation provider in the UK. Offering storm-proof glamping pods to luxury mobile en-suite bedrooms.

Having run large events and campsites ourselves, we understand the challenges faced in securing conveniently located, high quality accommodation, that suits the unique and individual needs of pop-up accommodation. Caboose & Co. was founded to answer these challenges by creating innovative pop-up accommodation for the outdoor events industry and camping and glamping sites.

Our extensive events knowledge and experience in developing pop-up accommodation greatly influenced the designs of our Cabooses. The first Cabooses rolled off the production line in the summer of 2017, landed straight into their first event and we`ve been raising the bar ever since. From 2,000 bed pop-up campsites to 50 room pop-up hotels - a great location is all we need.

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