ARM Group Ltd

ARM Ltd, a Staffordshire based privately owned company, is the leading figure in the design and construction of natural wastewater treatment systems and associated technologies for the industrial and municipal wastewater treatment market.

For the past 25 years ARM Ltd have specialised in reed bed and wetland systems, having designed and installed over 500 treatment systems during this period. Based on our experience we can offer consultancy, design and construction services providing a high level of continuity through process conception to process performance. More recently we have broadened our offering in response to demand from customers. Committed to research and development, we are continually establishing new ways of treating wastewater naturally by investing in trials of new wetland configurations to improve contaminant removal.

We have introduced new technologies to the UK including ground-breaking Forced Bed Aeration™ , a wetland technology that increases treatment capacity in a smaller footprint which can also be retrofitted into existing treatment wetlands. Using this technology, ARM has been working with airport operators to help minimise the impact of de-icing fluids and fire training foams on the environment and the inherent costs of storing and treating the resulting wastewater. This cost-effective facility can be designed for use both off-site or airside.

Designing over 500 treatment systems, we provide wastewater treatment for a whole range of applications and continue to pioneer new ideas which will help improve performance in contaminant removal. Working across a range of sectors, the strength and depth of our consultants enables ARM to deliver a flexible, tailored solution to meet individual requirements.

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